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Hard Gelatin Capsules

Hard Gelatin Capsules-Everything You Need To Know

Hard gelatin capsules are the solid form of dosage that contains the dry or liquid substance in it. It is manufactured in the cylindrical shape and it divided into two parts. But these capsules vary in different size and shapes. Along with this, these capsules do not contain any taste, odor and the appearance of it is also very attractive. Because of this, patients can easily consume it. In this blog, we will tell you in detail about hard gelatin capsules, its benefits, manufacturing process and how it is different form softgel capsules.

Benefits of Hard Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Process

If we talk about the manufacturing process of hard gelatin capsules then it is quite easy in comparison to softgel capsules. And due to this reason it is the preferred choice for most of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations. And these benefits are as follows:

  •  Easy to fill: The first and foremost benefit of hard gel capsule is that it is easy to fill and it happens only because it is divided into two segments. And the dry or liquid can easily get filled into it.
  • Cost-effective: The manufacturing process of hardgel capsules is another significant benefit of it. Because the process is cost effective and making the product more efficient and effective for the healthcare units.
  • Easy to digest: The material that is used in hard gelatin capsules dissolves quickly when it goes into the stomach. This makes it easy to digest.
  • Minimum maintenance: The manufacturing of hard gel capsules is so easy because its design is not too complex. It is simply made in the cylindrical form. And this is the main reason that minimum maintenance is required to make them.
  • Longer shelf life: These capsules have longer shelf life in comparison to any other form of capsule or tablets. Because the encapsulation protects them from different environmental factors which includes moisture and light. Resultantly, these capsules do not get expires soon.

The difference between hard and soft capsules

Hard gelatin capsule are basically manufactured in the cylindrical shape as well divided into two parts that body and the cap. And it is filled with dry or liquid ingredients then gets sealed properly in order to prevent any kind of leakage.

On the other hand, softgel capsules are manufactured in single piece. But the manufacturing process of it is complex because it contains the semi-liquid ingredients only and because of different sizes and shapes makes them difficult to make for the manufacturers.

Process We Follow While Manufacturing Hard Gelatin Capsules

In order to manufacture the hardgel capsules latest technology, advanced equipment’s and expertise also require in the company. Because under the experts observation, the complete process is conducted. And there are certain steps that need to be followed at the time of manufacturing the hard gelatin capsules.

  • The first of the manufacturing process is to make the dip.
  • After that the dip-Coating gets mould in the gelatin solution.
  • The next step is to mount the dip-coated pins that are coated by gelatin.
  • Then leave it to get dry.
  • After that the layers tends to get removed or trimmed and a shell is formed to make the capsule.
  • Thereafter, the dry or liquid ingredients get filled into it and get sealed.
  • At last the printing was done on the hard gelatin capsules.

In conclusion, if you are also interested in the manufacturing of hard gelatin capsules. Then you must have to contact Indo Rama Pharma, the best Hard Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer. Because we make capsules that are of high quality and offers to all our healthcare professionals at a reasonable and competitive prices.

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