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Obeticholic Acid Tablets

Obeticholic Acid Tablets: Liver Disease Management

The medicine obeticholic acid tablets (OCA) belongs to a group of drugs called farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonists. Some liver conditions are treated with it, most notably primary biliary cholangitis (PBC). OCA is a significant treatment choice for people with PBC.

Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC): What is it?

The tiny bile ducts inside the liver are affected by primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), sometimes referred to as primary biliary cholangitis. It is classified as an autoimmune disorder, which means that the immune system of the body unintentionally targets healthy liver cells, causing inflammation, injury, and scarring of the liver tissue. Chronic liver fibrosis and inflammation may ultimately lead to cirrhosis, a condition in which the liver develops scar tissue and loses its capacity to function. PBC may result in liver failure and other issues if it is not addressed.


PBC’s specific etiology is unknown; however, it is thought to be a mix of hereditary predisposition and environmental factors. Given the evidence of family clustering of the illness, genetic factors are important. Infections, hormone abnormalities, and other environmental variables have also been related to the development of PBC. 


PBC’s early stages may be asymptomatic, and regular blood tests are often used to identify the disorder. Patients may have symptoms including weariness, itching (pruritus), dry eyes, and a dry mouth as the illness worsens. Dark urine, stomach discomfort, and jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) are other typical signs.

Modalities of Action

Obeticholic acid tablets selectively activate the farnesoid X receptor (FXR), a nuclear receptor that is crucial for regulating bile acid and lipid metabolism. FXR activation regulates numerous genes involved in bile acid synthesis, transport, and metabolism. Obeticholic acid tablets inhibit the buildup of harmful bile acids in the liver, lowers liver inflammation, and aids in halting further liver damage in PBC patients by controlling these processes.

Administration & Dosage

Obeticholic acid pills are offered in tablet form, and they’re normally taken once a day by mouth. If the patient’s reaction remains subpar after three months, the initial dosage of 5 mg per day may be raised to 10 mg per day. Based on the characteristics of each patient, such as their tolerance and therapeutic response, the dose may be changed.

Observations & Negative Effects

Despite the therapeutic advantages that obeticholic acid tablets have shown in PBC patients, there are a few things to keep in mind and possible side effects to be cautious of. Patients with total biliary blockage, certain liver disorders, or liver function deficits should not get OCA. Patients must tell their healthcare professionals about all the drugs they are taking since they may interfere with other medications.

Obeticholic Acid Tablets

Obeticholic Acid Tablets 's Typical Side Effects

Include weariness and stomach pain, together with itching (pruritus). Patients may sometimes notice a rise in their LDL cholesterol levels. As a result, during obeticholic acid therapy, continuous monitoring of liver function and lipid profiles is required.

Security & Prolonged Use

The long-term safety of OCA is a crucial factor to take into account, just as with other medicines. Concerns concerning possible dangers, such as the emergence of liver-related adverse events and the long-term effects on cardiovascular health, have been highlighted by several studies. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully identify and monitor patients to make sure that the advantages outweigh the hazards for each individual patient.

Why did we decide to manufacture obeticholic acid tablets with Indo Rama Pharma?

Choosing a manufacturing partner for their goods presents pharmaceutical businesses with a number of difficult choices. Numerous aspects must be taken into account when choosing a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) in order to guarantee the best levels of quality, effectiveness, and economy. We are a 12-year-old company with lots of happy customers who trust us and our quality. We are an ISO, GMP-certified company. These are a few justifications for why we (“Indo Rama Pharma”) could be the best option for producing tablets containing obeticholic acid.

Facilities & Manufacturing Capabilities

We have made significant investments in cutting-edge production facilities that follow international quality standards and are outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Our production capabilities, which include tablet manufacture, coating, and packing, make them ideal for generating large numbers of obeticholic acid tablets.

Compliance with Regulations & Quality Standards

One of every pharmaceutical company’s primary responsibility is regulatory compliance. We have a history of obtaining relevant certifications, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO standards, and we also consistently adhere to legal requirements. The manufacturing process is thus certain to maintain the stringent quality standards set by regulating organizations.

Knowledge of Gastrointestinal Medications

Our expertise in generating related substances gives us a competitive edge when developing Obeticholic Acid pills. Indo Rama Pharma specializes in gastrointestinal medications. Our experience in this therapeutic field shows that we have the knowledge and abilities to deal with the unique needs of medicine.

Support for Research & Development

Working with a CMO that supports research and development (R&D) may be quite beneficial. We may be able to provide insightful advice and help improve the formulation and manufacturing process for the obeticholic acid tablet thanks to our dedication to innovation and investment in R&D facilities.

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Because it might damage the growing baby, obeticholic acid shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy. When taking OCA, women of reproductive age should take an effective form of contraception and talk to their doctor about family planning.

Depending on the individual, obeticholic acid may have different effects. After commencing therapy, some people could see improvements in their liver function and symptoms right away, while others could take longer to react. The medical professional will keep an eye on the patient’s development and decide how long the treatment should last.

Obeticholic acid may significantly delay the evolution of the condition and enhance liver function, but it is not a treatment for primary biliary cholangitis. When used with UDCA or when UDCA is not tolerated, it is used to treat PBC and is regarded as a disease-modifying medication.

Extensive quality control procedures used by Indo Rama Pharma include meticulous inspections at every stage of production. To guarantee the OCA pills’ potency, consistency, and purity, they use cutting-edge testing methods.

Yes, Indo Rama Pharma upholds rigorous adherence to various regulatory standards established by international health authorities as well as to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). This guarantees that the generated OCA pills fulfill the highest criteria for quality.

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